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Antonio Ferlito was born in Catania on October 2, 1991. Antonio began his trader career at a very young age and when he was only 15 he opened an account on behalf of his mother name to “bypass” the legal age limit.

It was 2006 since then Antonio has been in the world of financial markets every day.Graduated in business administration at Catania University, Antonio won the Traders’cup, the Italian trading championship in 2017, with a record return of 132% in 12 months.

In addition to being often present on the main portals and TV channels dealing with the topics of economics and finance, Antonio is also one important analyst of, the n1 portal in Europe when it comes to financial markets.

What the Private Room is and how it works


The private room is a Telegram messenger channel(An application similar to Whats’app) where you will find:

  • Antonio’s trades on Indices, commodities, forex, stocks and cryptocurrencies, with entry price stop loss and target.
  • Antonio’s portfolio updates in real time with his open and closed positions.
  • Antonio’s video analysis to make the best decisions on the financial markets.

Antonio is  the only trader in Europe who has closed every year in profit since its inception with an average performance of 70%.

All proven by reports, and why not by the personal income regime.

By accessing the reserved room you will be able to:

  • Follow all of Antonio’s trades joining the elite of investors who earn with the financial markets with annual performance of over 70%.
  • Receive advice on the platform to use and the best tax strategies to implement.
  • Chat on Telegram or Whats’app to compare yourself and make the best decisions about the financial markets.

Let’s now get into the heart of the reserved room.

The number of operations is on average 8 per month, the duration of the signal can vary from a few days up to 12 months.

Antonio prefers fundamental analysis, but he also uses technical analysis.

This is an example of one of the 2021 record operation on the French share Europcar, In the red rectangle you will find the name of the instrument and the price at which we entered. If you decide to follow Antonio Ferlito, we recommend you to enter as close as possible to his entry price.

In the yellow rectangle, you will find trades, SELL (you earn with a fall) or BUY (you earn with a rise) the stop loss and the target of the trade.



The best platform to follow us

Antonio trades with the broker.

In the Link below you will find a full review of the broker, with inside very important video tutorials that explain how to set up and use the platform optimally.

Trading with

  • You will have the security of your funds, with fast deposits and withdrawals, as the broker is listed on the stock exchange and has a huge liquidity.
  • You will be able to follow Antonio 100% as you will have the same tools and prices as Antonio.
  • You can get a discount of 80% on the monthly donation to access the private room.

If you decide not to trade with you will need to make a monthly donation of 50 Euros to access the private room.

A valid alternative is to open a second trading account with in addition to yours (it is required a minimum deposit of 1000 euros, the minimum amount to manage a trading account well) so doing you will not have to donate 50 $ per month, but only 10 euros taking advantage of the 80% discount.

To make the donation just click on the Paypal button below, one of the safest payment systems in the world.



About donations: they are not intended to produce profit but rather to ensure the coverage of the costs of our office, which mainly arise from the various subscriptions to the platforms to get  reliable news and data and from the cost of personnel.

Given the continued success with a continuous increase in enrollments the amount of the monthly donation of 50 $ will increase. Access to the reserved room will be blocked once the 1000th member is reached.

At the moment there is no trial period.

Finally, we recommend that you access the free telegram channel by clicking the button below, where you will find the latest news, articles and videos of Antonio with valuable predictions and advice on financial markets.

For any question we are available, at the bottom right you will find the Whats’app button to chat with us, at the bottom of the page you will find all our contacts.


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