Follow the strategy of Antonio Ferlito

Antonio Ferlito is considered one of the brightest and most creative traders in business.

Graduated in Business Administration with a thesis on ‘Online Trading and Tax Strategies’ at the University of Catania, he has been active in the markets since 2006.

His career as a trader began at a very young age. At the age of 15 he opened his first trading account in his mother’s name to ‘bypass’ the legal age limit of 18 in Italy.

In 2017 he shocked Italy by generating over 132% of profits in a year, winning the TRADERS’CUP, the Italian trading competition, with a return never equaled by other traders.

In 2022 he achieved another great result by finishing 2nd in the Robbins World Cup trading competition, scoring the best drawdown with optimal risk management.

He is among the few traders in the sector able to close each fiscal year in profit, managing to beat the market even in the most difficult years such as 2008-2009, with the subprime mortgage crisis, and in 2020-2021 with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to his technical preparation, with a great ability in budget analysis that allows to find undervalued or overvalued companies, which make him a stock trading specialist, Antonio is gifted with considerable mental strength, which leads him to take the right risks in every occasion, without ever getting out of balance.

Very good at handling emotions, he doesn’t get too excited when he closes a big profit trade, he doesn’t get depressed when he closes a losing trade.

He’s perfectly capable of letting profits run and cutting losses, a feature that always makes the difference when it comes to profitability.

He is considered among the best traders when it comes to marketing timing.

Antonio is able to understand when it’s the right time to enter or exit an investment, based on market fluctuations.

In addition to being often present in the main portals and TV channels that deal with topics of Economics and Finance, Antonio is also an important analyst of, the No.1 portal in Europe regarding financial markets.

Although there are many pseudo-traders, no one like Antonio publishes in real time the videos of his trading accounts and his tax returns showing the net gains and the tax payments.

In addition to Antonio’s prestigious achievements, he has a degree in Business Administration with a thesis on “Online Trading and Tax Strategies,” and holds certifications as a Professional Trader Analyst and Teacher in Financial Trading according to Consob regulations, the equivalent of the SEC and FSA in Italy.

He is often featured on major portals and TV channels dealing with the topics of Economics and Finance, and is one of the leading analysts at, the N1 portal in Europe regarding financial markets.

To conclude, when it comes to real-time trading, live accounts and tangible results, no trader can boast the same successes and results.


How to Read and Follow Antonio’s Analysis and Operations

Starting in 2022, its operations are made public through Telegram and WhatsApp channels and soon via email.

Antonio employs a position trading strategy, opening trades for the medium to long term on equities and commodities.

Rarely he operates on Forex-indices, due to the high contract sizes needed compared to the low average net changes, and on cryptocurrencies , due to the excessive volatility  of the instruments.

The positions are left open continuously, without making any changes, for weeks or months.

The targets of the operations are on average 50%.

You can follow Antonio’s analysis and operations in 3 ways.

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To follow Antonio’s strategy, it is essential to trade on the same platform as him, the one provided by

By doing so you will have the same instruments with the same prices and features as Antonio.

You can find a review of the broker and the platform that Antonio uses in the link below with video tutorials to set up the platform like Antonio.

We anticipate right away that this is a listed broker, subject to strict regulations and therefore among the safest in the world.



The broker with which Antonio operates, being a foreign broker, is in a declarative regime and not administered like domestic brokers.

This is a big advantage because the tax declaration regime allows a net tax saving and an optimization of the management of trading accounts thanks to the non immediate payment of taxes.

Let’s remember that the declarative regime is the default regime applied to traders who open an account based abroad.

Upon option, this regime can also be applied to foreign accounts.

In the Declarative regime the bank does not act as a tax substitute, which is the case for the other regimes.

We can offer tax assistance, as Antonio who specializes in tax strategies for optimizing trading accounts also has entrusted part of the team to manage the declaration of his trading accounts and followers under the declaratory regime.



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