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Segui la strategia di Antonio Ferlito

Antonio Ferlito è considerato uno dei trader più brillanti e creativi in attività.  Laureato in Economia Aziendale con tesi sul“ Trading online e strategie fiscali” presso l’università degli studi di Catania è attivo sui mercati sin dal 2006. La sua carriera da trader inizia da giovanissimo e a soli 15 anni apre un conto trading […]

Follow the analysis and operations of Antonio Ferlito

Antonio Ferlito began his career as a trader at a very young age and at only 15 years of age he opened an account in his mother’s name to “bypass” the age limit.

Antonio won in 2017 the Traders’cup, the 2016-2017 Italian Trading Championship, with a record return of 132% in 12 months and ranked in the top 3 of the 2021-2022 World Trading Championship with a record return of 140% in 12 months. – Our trusted broker

Since we often get this question, we have decided to talk about the broker used by our trading firm for its operations. That is, as the people who follow us and are subscribed to our free Telegram channel already know. Today we want to provide a complete overview, updated to 2022, of all the services that our broker offers and of all the reasons that led us to choose it.